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  1. Not ready for another golden yet, but if I were I would definitely be contacting you. Very impressed with everything from your beautiful goldens to your devotion to them. Says alot.
    Hopefully, you’ll still be around when we are ready for our next one….a few years down the road.

    NOTHING like a golden!

  2. I have the distinct pleasure of being Northern Knight Ryder’s partner. Lori raised and trained his wonderful sire, Brodie. Ryder’s led me to new places… Becoming an AKC Achiever Dog by earning titles in Rally, Obedience, CGC, Tricks. Lori is an excellent dog trainer. When you have an Angels of Gold Puppy you have support!

  3. Thanks Laura, I couldn’t ask for better parents to my puppies than you!! Love that boy Ryder!

  4. Lori, Murphy (Gracie x Hudson) Is Truly an “Angel of Gold”, he is really well behaved and so pleasant to be around!
    He is incredible! He’s resting after a very busy morning of play and running out in snow which he seems love. He’s very close to being potty trained, only two accidents, both our fault for not acting quick enough.

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