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  1. Not ready for another golden yet, but if I were I would definitely be contacting you. Very impressed with everything from your beautiful goldens to your devotion to them. Says alot.
    Hopefully, you’ll still be around when we are ready for our next one….a few years down the road.

    NOTHING like a golden!

  2. I have the distinct pleasure of being Northern Knight Ryder’s partner. Lori raised and trained his wonderful sire, Brodie. Ryder’s led me to new places… Becoming an AKC Achiever Dog by earning titles in Rally, Obedience, CGC, Tricks. Lori is an excellent dog trainer. When you have an Angels of Gold Puppy you have support!

  3. Thanks Laura, I couldn’t ask for better parents to my puppies than you!! Love that boy Ryder!

  4. Lori, Murphy (Gracie x Hudson) Is Truly an “Angel of Gold”, he is really well behaved and so pleasant to be around!
    He is incredible! He’s resting after a very busy morning of play and running out in snow which he seems love. He’s very close to being potty trained, only two accidents, both our fault for not acting quick enough.

  5. Our Griffey is the best puppy, and we are grateful to have found Angels of Gold. When we lost our sweet Murphy last summer, our family was heartbroken. I reached out to Lori in hopes that we could find another sweet golden retriever to love. We were added to the adoption list, and prayed that sometime soon our family would welcome a new addition. When we got the call that Gracie had double-digit puppies, we were thrilled that one of her sweet babies would be ours. Through the birth and first 7 weeks, Lori was AMAZING. She contacted us weekly with updates, pictures, and videos of Gracie’s babes. Our family felt part of the journey from the get go, and Lori is one unbelievable breeder who truly loves her dogs and the families she brings in.

    This morning I was super teary thinking of our beloved Murphy, and then I turned to our new little guy Griffey and started petting his soft sweet head. We could never replace Murph, but it was reassuring to know that we now have a new amazing golden to love. Griffey’s disposition is absolutely perfect. He’s sweet, docile, fun-loving, and loyal. He loves all 5 of us unconditionally already. Oh, we are filled with so much joy with this little one. And during this pandemic and working/learning from home, we all get to BE with Griffey and enjoy watching him grow and be part of our family.

    Thank you, Lori Privette. Angels of Gold has been a blessing in our lives, and we feel so fortunate to be connected with you. You have given us the greatest gift. ~The Lubke Family

  6. Thank you so much Jennifer and family! I couldn’t ask for a better family or families for all this litter!! It’s so fun to keep in touch and watch Griffey and his siblings grow up. I’m sure we have many years of friendship ahead of us!!

  7. I have 2 Golden’s right now, I’m not ready for another puppy yet but when I am I will definitely be contacting you, you have beautiful Golden’s and it’s nice that you’re right up the road from me, I live in Munger

  8. Hi Wendy, first of all , thank you for the compliment. I’m sorry it took so long to respond. My next litter is to be born November 1, 2022. When they’re about 5 weeks old, give me a call and come visit puppies!

  9. We discovered Angels of Gold and Lori Privette after the heartbreaking loss of our sweet eleven year old Golden in 2021. Lori is an absolutely amazing breeder, her compassion, devotion and commitment to her dogs and their puppies is second to none.

    We completed the adoption papers and began to count the days until the puppies from Talia x Buddy would be born. Our ‘yellow’ girl, Keagan Lei was born on 5/2/2022 and Lori, as busy as she was with the puppies, never failed to send pictures and videos as the puppies grew! She made us feel part of the puppy journey!

    Keagan has brought so much joy to our lives, from the moment we brought her home we were amazed at how sweet, calm, smart and loving she is! Housetrained almost instantly! She is a beautiful companion and we are grateful for having found Lori and Angels of Gold!

    If you are considering adding a Golden Retriever to your family, Angels of Gold is the right place to be!

  10. I had been following Angels of Golds website for sometime and saw many of Lori’s beautiful puppies come and go , then one day I met Lori in person by chance at Petsmart she had one of her puppies there and was doing some socializing, he was so calm and listened very well you could see she had put the time into him he was very well behaved, also my sister-in-law who is into showing dogs had mentioned Lori , so I decided to put in an application Lori had 1 puppy left Lori was very prompt on responding even though she was getting ready to attend a family function and we went to get Jovi (Talia x Buddy ) He has not been a disappointment he is very smart ,affectionate and has a calmness to him, I have two other goldens and he is definitely the most laid back of the three , I would highly recommend getting a puppy from Lori you to will not be disappointed thanks Lori for allowing us to adopt one of your puppies 🐶

  11. Thank you so much Jean and Scott for your kind letter. I’m so happy JOVI is with you. He was always such a sweet puppy. Thank you for being there with me through the heartbreak and miracle of Talia’s puppies. We will have a bond forever

  12. We lost our third golden in February 2022 and knew almost right away that we needed another one in our lives. We researched breeders and after much confusion, turned to our veterinarian for suggestions. The only breeder she recommended was Lori of Angels of Gold. She did not know Lori personally, but had seen strong and healthy puppies from her.
    We met Lori and Talia (our Daisy’s mama) for the first time in April 2022. It was obvious how much Lori enjoys what she is doing, and how dedicated she truly is.
    Once the puppies were born, Lori kept in touch with pictures, videos and texts. We met the puppies for the first time in early June 2022. We noticed how well they were taken care of, and the comfortable environment that was created for them.
    We finally picked up our Daisy at the end of June. She is such an affectionate, smart, curious and fun dog.
    If we were looking for a golden again, we would not hesitate to turn to Lori. Dealing with her has been so very positive.
    Thank you Lori for giving us our little girl Daisy. She is a treasure.

  13. Thank you so much Diane. I’m so glad you’re happy with your little ‘Mini Talia’. To look at her and know you’re so happy with her helps heal the pain of loosing Talia. Also keeping in touch with me, I couldn’t ask for better puppy parents and new friends.

  14. My husband started to research for a golden puppy and found Angels of Gold. After talking with Lori, we knew we wanted a puppy from Talia. Lori kept us updated from the start and once the puppies were born, Lori sent updates and pictures. We could not be more happier with our little guy, Rain. He has brought so much joy to us. Thank you Lori for everything you did and still do.

  15. Thank you Barb for the beautiful comment.
    You guys are so good at keeping me updated on your puppies. I love every picture I get.

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