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bleeding heart, anti breeder, adopt don’t shoppers…here’s the deal.
There’s three camps and only three camps because…DOG ARE GOING TO REPRODUCE regardless!
You either get
(A) responsibly, ethically bred puppies from people who love their chosen breed and make it a passion and choice to do right by the breed by knowing pedigrees, making informed decisions, health testing breeding stock, caring for the physical and mental growth of puppies before placement and always being available to take a puppy back to rehome to avoid shelters
(B)people who give less then two shits about the ethical, responsible part and just want to cash in and care NOT about the dog after the fact. ZERO responsibility after the fact! I.e., backyard breeders and puppy mills.
(C) flat out accidental litters. Minimal to zero care or concern before, during or after birth! Zero, zilch, notta!

Simple, those are the choices!

If you are standing on the soap box that myself or anyone like me in the A category makes money off my hobby and passion for my breed I’ll happily send you copies of all my cash out the door receipts for what I SPEND on my dogs for routine care, nutrition, housing, enrichment, show entries, travel…ETC!

If you STILL vehemently stand behind ONLY the results of choice B or C that’s an unrealistic, bullshit argument that provides you a very easy “cause” to defend which only serves to make your little snowflake heart feel happy and full of worth and does NOTHING at all for the reality at the heart of this issue.
In the big picture, which may very well be bigger then you are capable of seeing, you are doing NOTHING but enabling.

Feel free to copy and paste with your “proud to be a preservation breeder” !



A breed will stand or fall according to its breeders – not its loyal fanciers, not its judges and handlers, not its exhibitors and trainers. For the breeder is the only link between the past and the future; only through him can the breed stay alive.
Like the sculptor, the painter, the poet, he is driven by creative compulsion. But he, more than any of the others, is caught up in the race against time. The sculptor works in stone; his mistakes can be changed by the chisel. The breeder works with flesh; his mistakes may take generations to correct. The sculptor can put his work away and eventually come back to it; the breeder is a captive of his breed and can never really leave it.
Why then does a breeder stay a breeder? The answer is, that of all the activities in the dog sport, he alone has the joy of creation and the pride of enduring handiwork!
When proud owners bring back a fine animal for him to see years after it was sold by him as a puppy, he notes with a thrill how it has developed in just the way he thought it would. While they are happily telling him what a marvelous creature this is, he is scarcely listening as he stares at the dog; for he is not only seeing what they are, but so much more.
With mounting excitement, he watches that imperious stance, so familiar, that proudly arched neck and the keen steady gaze right out of the past; he does not see just ONE handsome dog standing there before him, but all the wonderful ones which went into the making of this one – dogs which he loved and knew so well..and now sees living again. This is the fascination of the breeder. This is the treasure of eternal youth!’
-Peggy Adamson, Damasyn Dobermans


My purchase of a well bred purebred dog does not condemn another dog to death.
My purchase of a well bred purebred dog does not result in an uptick in the shelter dogs.
My desire to have a dog with predictable temperament from a healthy line does not result in another dog not getting adopted at the shelter.
My careful research on the most responsible breeders who meet all requirements is not the problem. It’s not what you should be mad at.
It’s not who you should blame.
I am not the one who irresponsibly brought these dogs into this world and left them in a shelter. Responsible breeders aren’t the ones bringing these dogs to animal shelters either.
It’s my home, my life and my choice what kind of dog I want to bring in. Maybe I need a working dog, sport dog, show dog or just a companion dog of a certain breed that suits me best.
Whatever reason I choose to support a reputable breeder, it will not send an animal protection dog to death.
A breeder who does health tests, temperament tests and titling of their dogs does not contribute to the number of stray dogs.
The number of stray dogs in the world is a problem, but it’s not a problem made worse by reputable breeders or those who buy from them.
Your neighbor who gets a “purebred” dog without papers because they’re cheap is contributing to the problem.
Your friend who spontaneously bought a puppy from Petland is contributing to the problem.
The person scrambling to pump out the hottest designer mix ASAP is contributing to the problem.
Your relatives who have to get their dog covered once, “so she can experience what it’s like to be a mother” or because “she’s such a good/cute/sweet girl” are contributing to the problem.
Your old school mate who bought a working dog with lots of energy without taking the time to research its needs and character who ultimately sees it doesn’t fit his lifestyle is the problem.
A reputable breeder offers lifetime support. A serious breeder would never allow their dogs to end up in a shelter from the start.
It’s understandable to be angry about the number of homeless dogs in the world, but if you look closer, you’ll find that your anger is misplaced.

Written by Lindsay Hutslar, Veterinary Technician, Ohio, USA.


Can we please stop expecting that EVERY dog wants to go to dog parks, daycares, patio parties and have birthday parties with other dogs! Nobody loves dogs more than me, but I’m here to tell you that dogs aren’t human children. They don’t want to do everything a human child does. Breed can matter when deciding what is fun for your best friend. Your Husky may have the energy to run, your Retriever may want to retrieve and your terrier may want to chase and grab. So yes, raising them with kindness is paramount, but paying attention to their needs is too. I said it.

This mentality that every dog has to be “social” with other people and dogs is keeping my shelter full, my days long and my heart broken, because I see the best dogs passed over, because they wouldn’t do well at a dog park or daycare. Not every dog needs to like your friends. I keep my dog in his room when people come over, because he isn’t comfortable around everyone, and I don’t want to set him up for failure. Love your dog enough to respect her boundaries.

Your dog doesn’t want to meet every dog. The reality show you watched about dog training and dog adoption is fake, I’ve worked in television, it’s edited to create a good story, not necessarily a real story. Let’s stop these narratives on dog ownership that are SOLD to us and based on making money. Dogs aren’t a business they are our best friends. Remember that.

Your dog can be perfectly safe and happy without overstimulating daycare or doggy birthday parties. Those things are fun for some dogs, but not for all. I want to take my dog everywhere, I want to give my dog the things I would want, but for the love of dogs in shelters everywhere, let’s ask dogs what do they REALLY want?

Dogs want more sniffs, waterlogged sticks, a quiet place to decompress, a space to stretch their legs and you to respect their body language and boundaries. They are talking to you…listen.

** Be Kind to Kennel Club Members… They are ALL Volunteers!!
And— if you attend Dog Shows— whether as an Owner Handler or a Professional Handler— and you are NOT a member of an All-Breed Kennel Club and/or your breed Specialty club — at the least- WHY NOT??? Don’t give anyone the “I’m not a joiner” “I don’t have time” “It’s not my thing” excuse…. IF you don’t help- you have no right to complain… If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the Problem!!
The median age for club members for most All-Breed clubs is 64; predominantly female and single (widows, divorced or by choice) Most all-breed clubs are trying to hold their Dog Shows (where you ALL have fun- make $&&- win ribbons) with very little volunteer staff. These clubs NEED NEW—YOUNGER- Dedicated Members!!

We are already seeing Dog Clubs folding all over the country… Without Dog Clubs…there are no Dog Shows… and no NEED for Dog Show Handlers… or vendors… So Give Back to the Fancy and join & Help your local Dog Clubs

Carolyn Lichty