We do not sell dogs solely as breeding dogs. We have a responsibility to our puppies and our dogs. As breeders, we made the decision to bring our puppies into this world. We loved them first and when they leave us we want them to have the best quality of life imaginable. This means having a very loving new family. In order to protect our puppies and their bloodlines, we sell our puppies on ‘limited registration’, which means you cannot breed as per AKC. We do occasionally offer the opportunity to ‘earn’ breeding rights. We will consider reversing the limited status if and when the owner and dog pair accomplish all of the following:

…the dog reaches between the age of 24 months and 26 months and has passing results on OFA, hips, elbows, eyes and heart (by cardiologist) and results sent to seller,

…the dog has earned at least one of the following: AKC JH title (junior hunter), GRCA WC Title (working certificate), AKC BN title (beginner novice, obedience), AKC RN (rally novice), CKC CH (Canadian Kennel Club Championship), or a minimum of 3 points in the U.S. AKC breed ring (conformation)

If you decide to show AKC conformation, they do require ‘full registration’. In that case, our names will remain on the dogs registration papers until the conditions above are met. Breeding rights are not automatic in this event.

Gracie and Hudson puppies will be $2230.00. ($30 for registration papers that we will send in) This includes a $200 nonrefundable deposit .

We do not charge more for a performance, show, breeding prospect than we charge for a pet puppy at the time of sale. Instead, for females we will require one of the following:

first pick of litter if we want a puppy   OR

$1000 or the price of a puppy, whichever is greater out of the first litter of said dog.

For males we will require $1000 or the price of stud fee, whichever is greater out of his first breeding.

All breedings must be done with OFA health cleared golden retrievers.

We will stay on the registration papers as co-owners through the first 2 litters. Cost to remove seller from AKC papers is the responsibility of buyer.

Your puppies registration will be sent in by us with an extra $30 charge.  It will have ‘Angels Of Gold’ as the first name, the rest will be chosen by the new owner and told to us within one week of adoption, so papers can be sent in, in a timely manner.

Pet puppies ARE REQUIRED to be spayed, at 12 months old, neutered at 18-24 months with proof from veterinarian sent to seller. A penalty of $100 will be assessed for each month past requirement.

Hip/elbow dysplasia is a multifactoral disease and cannot be linked solely to a single genetic cause. Hip/elbow dysplasia is greatly affected by both environment and nutrition. It is recommended that the puppy be fed a premium, high puppy dog food for the first 6 months to ensure proper growth and development. This puppy should also be raised and exercised in a way that is conducive to optimum joint health.

If for any reason an OFA report shows evidence of hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia,  on a Angels Of Gold puppy, (which has to be done between the age of 24-26 months), the seller will replace purchased puppy with a replacement puppy as soon as one is available , after receiving failed OFA verification and veterinarian report of spay or neuter.

Puppy will be wormed, shots and vet checked before leaving for their new homes, health certificates (at buyers expense) also if being shipped.

Puppy will most likely  be chosen by seller, with your input, so please tell us everything about yourself and what you are looking for in a dog on the puppy inquiry form. You may not know which is yours until 7-8 weeks if we have some going to Show/Performance/breeding homes.  Those puppies will be chosen first.

Puppy must be taken to your veterinarian within 3 days of arrival at new owner.

Shipping is available.

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